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Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies

Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies
The Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies graduate degree program gives students the opportunity to combine two disciplinary areas to create a uniquely tailored program of study that supports their future academic and professional goals. Students work with their Graduate Coordinator from application through graduation to ensure a seamless and rewarding academic experience.

This 33 hour program consists of 27 hours of content course work and 6 hours of thesis culminating in the presentation and successful defense of a master's level thesis.

Students in this program share a commitment to intellectual exploration and graduate-level education, and seek enrichment and goals that could not be achieved through the study of a single discipline. Commitment to the student via individualized advising, careful program development and interdisciplinary research are central to this degree program.

The UCF Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies Program is a Full Member of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs ,  which "is an international organization of over 125 institutional members that share a common interest in graduate-level liberal