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Advising Protocols

You are embarking on obtaining one of the most challenging and desirable degrees at the University of Central Florida. Because this degree program is so broad and individualized, it is critical that you work closely with an academic advisor in Interdisciplinary Studies. In order to maximize the value of this process, we have assembled the information below.

Our advisors are professionals who can help guide you through the curriculum so that you earn a degree that is of greatest possible value to you in the most reasonable time. While the advisors provide guidance and recommendations, the final decision on, and responsibility for your academic career rests on your shoulders. Your experience here will be most fruitful if you stay informed and visit with an advisor regularly.

One other thing to remember is to remain courteous and respectful both on the phone and in person and we will extend you the same courtesy. Rudeness, harshness, abusiveness, raising your voice, etc, may result in your loss of access to advising. Extreme cases will result in disciplinary action.

Scheduling an Advising Appointment:

Before Arriving for your Advising Appointment

During Advising Session

After the Advising Session