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Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program offers students the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary studies through individually planned programs of study. The Interdisciplinary Studies track includes thirteen different areas plus most minor degree programs on campus and two unique core courses. Other programs offered through IDS include a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, and a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Transnational Gender, Race, and Sexuality Studies (TransGRaSS) track.

Interdisciplinary Studies Majors

B.A. or B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

B.A. or B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies is a university-wide program leading to either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, depending on the majority of course areas selected in consultation with an Interdisciplinary Studies advisor. The program is administered through the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies and is designed for academic flexibility. It recognizes that there are many combinations of courses which meet the needs of individual students. This program may be completed online with limited area, course, and minor selection done with advisement from a member of the Interdisciplinary Studies Advising Team. Students may not be able to complete all courses online.

Students must complete all University-wide graduation requirements (general education, foreign language, CLAST, Gordon Rule, etc.), some of which are not available via distributed learning.

B.S. Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies degree prepares students for a number of interesting and challenging careers. Its interdisciplinary nature provides students with tools that can be applied across a spectrum of science, social behavior, and humanities, using the strengths of the various areas. Students seeking journalistic or artistic careers will gain a scientific background by which to understand environmental science, while students going into the sciences will appreciate the social, political, and ethical dimensions of environmental actions and policy decisions.

*Note IDS Environmental Studies Track program requirements for prior years are located in UCF's archived catalogs. Requirements for degrees can change with each academic catalog year. Students are required to satisfy the requirements of their degree according to their catalog year. Please note that changing majors and readmission may affect a student's "catalog year." To view the requirements for prior year degree programs, please view the catalog page for the correct catalog year. Catalog Archive

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Transnational Gender, Race, and Sexuality Studies Track

The Transnational Gender, Race, and Sexuality Studies (TransGRaSS) Track is a broadly based interdisciplinary curriculum that leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. The degree’s interdisciplinary nature provides students with tools that can be applied across a spectrum of science, social behavior, and humanities, while foregrounding the importance of analyses paying attention to categories of race, gender, and sexuality. Students pursuing a career in social justice or advocacy work, involvement in international nonprofit organizations or diverse research and journalistic careers, as well as those seeking preparation for graduate study in related areas will enjoy the flexibility combined with the strong community among students in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies Minors

Environmental Studies Minor

The Environmental Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for a diverse set of academic endeavors and careers. It delivers the tradition of a liberal arts education with the rigor of the natural and social sciences, providing the introspection and artistic presentation of the humanities with the inquisitiveness that we share concerning our environment

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Leadership Studies Minor

The Leadership Studies minor focuses on specific aspects of leadership involving communication, collaboration, social relations, politics, and ethics.

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World Comparative Studies

Students with an interest in international studies, as well as careers in business, communications, economics, education, environmental science, history, and politics, are invited to consider the minor as a supplement to their major.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate

Leadership Studies Certificate

The Leadership Studies certificate focuses on specific aspects of leadership involving communication, collaboration, social relations, politics, and ethics A strong background in Leadership can really help you stand out to employers compliments any major. Gain specific skills sets needed to be highly successful in various careers such as: Collaboration & Team Working, Presentation & Persuasion, Problem Solving, Project Management, Project Development and Marketing.

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Cultural Tourism Certificate

This certificate harnesses the naturally related fields of tourism to cultural studies, focusing on the specific cultural and business conditions in Central Florida as well as tourism. The certificate complements several fields, including Hospitality Management, African American Studies, History, Anthropology, and Political Science. The cultural theme can be fulfilled by specialized areas in African American Heritage, Anthropology, Environmental Tourism, or Latin American.

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GIS Certificate

GIS is an essential research tool for a wide range of disciplines because it allows researchers to work with different kinds of information in a spatial context. The GIS certificate program focuses on developing students’ basic understanding and specific applications of GIS in a variety of contexts.